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I agree to pay the month to month club membership fee of $59.00 each month until I cancel my membership. I authorize $59.00 to be charged to my credit card.

I agree to pre-pay for a 1 year membership in the amount of $649. (Includes one month FREE). After 12 months I understand that I will be automatically enrolled in the month to month membership program.

Terms and Conditions
By clicking a "Buy Now" button above, I understand and agree that the following are additional terms and conditions of membership in Equinox, Inc.: The monthly membership costs $59 a month which includes one (1) one hour massage per month. If a member wants additional massages per month then the cost for an additional massage will be $59 per one (1) hour massage or $89 per one and one-half hour (1 ½ hour) massage. In the event that a member is not able to receive a massage in any given month, but has paid the membership fee for the month, then the member can a) either let someone else use this massage provided that the member informs Equinox, Inc. in advance, by email, of the name of the person to whom the member intends to give his or her massage, or b) carry over the member’s massage into the next month. There will be no limit to the number of massages that can carry over so long as the member’s membership is in good standing. If at any time or for any reason, a member’s membership is cancelled or terminated, then all unused massages, including those that have carried over from previous months, will be lost. I understand that I must give at least thirty (30) days prior notice to cancel my membership if it is a month to month membership; if I have pre-paid in advance for a one (1) year membership, however, I can only cancel my membership at the end of that year. Equinox, Inc. reserves the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at anytime for any reason or for no reason whatsoever. I further understand and agree that if I pre-pay for an annual membership, I will be automatically renewed in the month to month membership category following the completion of my twelve (12) month annual membership.